Drawn, Together

Towards Machine-Augmented Creative Design

Foundations of Drawing II

Line Weight and Type

Mobile Architecture, People's Architecture

the work and legacy of Yona Friedman

Descriptive Oblique Drawing

Oblique projection in the depiction of site and surrounding context.

GAN Loci

Imaging Place using Generative Adversarial Networks

The Idea Becomes A Machine That Makes The Art

situating the work of Refik Anadol in the history of generative art

CED Open House

Kyle's Work and Role in the MArch Program

Foundations of Drawing

The Depiction of Blobby Things in Hard-Line Drawings

What is a Design Manifesto?

examples of visual-verbal presentations about design

Drawing Quiz

Projection Type and Drawing Type

Introduction to 200c

Representational Practice in Architectural Design

Foundations of 2d Graphics I

Common Data Structures in 2d Digital Media

Foundations of Drawing

The Depiction of Human Form in Hard-Line Drawings

Corpus Three


Corpus Four


Foundations of 3d Graphics I

General Approaches to 3d Modeling

Foundations of Drawing III

The Language of Architectural Drawing

Corpus Two

Time Series Drawings

Corpus Two

Site Plans

Duck Hunt

Google Artists + Machine Intelligence Grant Proposal

Introduction to 124a

Of Bodies and Buildings

Foundations of Drawing I

Elements of Graphic Projection

Foundations of 3d Graphics III

NURBS Geometry

Foundations of 3d Graphics II

3d Architectural Data Structures

Foundations of Drawing IV

Drawing Relation and Registration

Fresh Eyes

A framework for the application of machine learning to generative architectural design, and a report of activities at SmartGeometry 2018

Envisioning Information

Tufte's seminal work on the design of information

Significant Others

Architectural Form-Finding in the age of Parametric Modeling and Machine Learning